Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Xavier & Ophelia Music Video for "Stop The Traffic"

Just came across this music video yesterday from the Nashville, TN bred duo Xavier & Ophelia called "Stop The Traffic". The clip features gorgeous and stunning imagery set in a nighttime setting in a busy metropolitan setting that features indelible electro synth guided waves that create a instant feeling of relaxation that needs to be seen in order to be believed. I really enjoyed the subtle and smooth vibe of the clip as it allowed me to ease into their music quite easily, and enjoy the musical wavelengths that were coming my way at a steady pace that also gives me ample opportunity to understand fully what their music is all about. I'm sure you'll grow to love Xavier & Ophelia as much as I have.

For more information on Xavier & Ophelia, give them a 'Like' on Facebook here and follow them on Twitter over here and for more in depth information on the duo, check out their official website right here.

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